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Not all components are suitable for numerical control machine

2013年8月07日 In News

1. The most suitable for many kinds of medium and small batch parts. As nc machine tools in manufacturing costs decline gradually, now both here and abroad, processing of large quantities of parts is also has emerged. When processing small batch and single production, such as can shorten the debugging time and tooling preparation time can be chosen.

 2. High precision parts. Used in nc machine tool's rigidity, manufacturing high accuracy, precision of the knife, can compensate the size, so can work require high dimensional accuracy of parts.


 3. The surface roughness value of small parts. In the workpiece and tool materials, finish machining allowance and tool Angle certain circumstances, the surface roughness depends on the cutting speed and feed speed. Ordinary machine tool is a constant rotational speed, diameter of different cutting speed is different, like numerical control lathe with constant cutting function, surfacing, different diameter cylindrical can use the same linear velocity, ensure that the surface roughness value was small and consistent. When processing the surface roughness of different surface roughness of the surface of the small and the use of small feed speed, roughness of surface with larger feed rate, variability is very good, so it is difficult to do in ordinary machine tools.

 4. Outline of complex parts. Any plane curve can be in a straight line or arc approximation, numerical control machine with circular arc interpolation function, can processing all kinds of complex profile parts. Hammer broken machine, henan jaw broken the mining machinery manufacturer specializing in the production of crusher, crusher, cement equipment, rod mill, vibrating feeder, and other products are welcome.


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