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JWB is a professional manufacture and Exporter in bolts,Nuts,Screws ,Thread Rod of Carbon Steel and Stainless Steel .With over 10 years' experience ,explore the world's market. 

Our main product is :A2(304)/A4(316) Hex bolt,Hex socket screw,Nuts ,Washer ,Thread rod and Hign tensile strength bolt and Thread Rod .

For Example: 8.8,10.9,12.9(Gr-5,8,10) products.We can provide various products according to each customer's requirement and drawing. 

We can provide the good quality and reasonable price to each cutomer ,and reach the each customer's requirement and target .We will 

control quality of each item from material to products .We provide our customers with solutions to their fastening requirement. 

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JWB International (Shanghai) Co., Ltd

apartments in beijing housing shanghai

Tel: 0086-21-5138-9282, Fax: 0086-21-5138-9289

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JWB International (HongKong) Co., Ltd is located in both Chaiwan, Hong Kong and Pudong, Shanghai, China. Belong to JWB Group; we specialize in manufacture all kinds of custom manufacturing projects and provide all kinds......More